Formed in 2017, we wanted to create a high-quality and functional website experience for our customers that makes buying and selling equipment quick and efficient.

Heavy Equipment Seller offers a variety of unique options for the buyer and seller.  We want to stand out, which is why our mission is to put our customers first.  We have created an easy to use website that makes the buying and selling process easier for everyone involved.

Listing Map

Heavy Equipment Seller has an easy to use listing map that is accessible from the home page.  This map allows you as the seller to pin your equipment to google maps so people searching know where you’re located. This feature is one of our biggest hits among many buyers looking for equipment in a certain geographical areas and like searching on the map.

Another great feature on Heavy Equipment Seller are the profiles.  We have three different options for our sellers to choose from.  First, is the individual profile – this is designed for customers that have one or two pieces of equipment they want to sell.  Second, is the business profile – which is designed for companies that buy and sell or own a fleet of equipment.  The third option is the dealer profile – this is designed for dealers to list equipment for sale and identify what type of equipment they are selling so people can find them easily on the locate dealer page.

Heavy Equipment has easy to use filters that allows users to search for exactly what they are looking for.  No more running around, backing tracking or having to refresh a page to locate your equipment.  We have made our filters user friendly because we want our customers to keep coming back!

Another option on our website is the ability to compare up to three pieces of equipment side by side.  This high-functioning tool is a great way to make equipment buying simple.  Most often people have a multitude of options they are looking for when buying large pieces of equipment.  We want our customers to be able to compare items quickly without having to back pedal between pages and try to remember which pieces of equipment offered specific features.  Once again, our mission is to make machine buying simple.


Heavy Equipment Seller has a questions and comments page that allows prospective buyers to post comments or questions on your listing.  To avoid the same inquiries being asked on a piece of equipment, our comments page allows everyone to see the responses from the seller.  This innovative tool is extremely helpful when trying to reach multiple people at a time, instead of responding to each individual question or comment.

Lastly, our advertising rates are very competitive compared to other websites and we value our customers because equipment buying and selling should be hassle free.  With our inexpensive rates, we want to show our customers how much we appreciate their business in hopes they keep coming back to Heavy Equipment Seller.

We welcome your feedback and would like to hear from you on ideas of what you like or want to see. Just send us a message using our contact form and mention you read this blog and we will enter you to win unlimited classified listing free for 6 months. Also don’t forget to like us and follow us on our social media accounts.