When any piece of equipment fails, whether a vehicle, television, or refridgerator, most people prefer to buy new instead of used. If you have recently been searching for heavy equipment for sale, it is quite possible that you likely have considered whether to buy new or used heavy equipment. Of course, it is very tempting to want the brand new piece of equipment, that has all the newest features and technology. On the other hand, it might make more sense to buy a used piece and save some money.

While there is nothing like something new, when it comes to buying heavy equipment or construction equipment — although new is nice — buying used can make more sense and offer some unique benefits. In this blog, we are going to focus on the benefits of buying used heavy equipment.

The Benefits of Buying Used Heavy Equipment

Buying heavy equipment that is new, while it comes with the all the latest bells and whistles, comes at a significant cost, both upfront in sticker price and taxes, as well as hidden in depreciation. Plus, with so much used heavy equipment for sale on the market at any given time, updated features, technology, and personal preference aside, there is really no need to buy new equipment. Let’s review some of the benefits of buying used heavy equipment instead of new.


Price is one of the biggest deciding factors when purchasing heavy equipment. When you buy new equipment, it is a significantly higher investment that can use up money that could be applied towards other things, such as heavy equipment attachments, additional gear, or equipment maintenance. Depending on availability and demand of the equipment, the cost of buying new could be close or equal to two or more used pieces.

No Initial Depreciation

Just like brand new vehicles lose value the second you drive them off of the dealership lot, new heavy equipment, whether it’s construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles, or forestry vehicles, will quickly depreciate in value within the first year. This initial gut-wrenching loss can be avoided by buying used heavy equipment instead.

Used Heavy Equipment Retains Its Value

While most used heavy equipment for sale has depreciated, it retains its value if it is properly cared for and maintained. Because of the aforementioned depreciation, once a piece of equipment is used, your future selling price will likely be a fraction of the purchase price if you buy new. When buying used heavy equipment, you are already buying at a more cost-efficient price where the most depreciation has already taken place, so the cost to you is less when you are ready to sell heavy equipment.

Better Selection and Availability

When buying new heavy equipment, often times it results in waiting for the equipment to be manufactured, which can often mean lengthy delays, sometimes taking months to begin manufacturing. When buying used, you will know exactly the selection of equipment that is available, giving you the best information before you make your decision. This can help you find the right equipment for your needs.

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