We are super excited to announce on April 1, 2019 we have launched and diploid our new “Always Free” plan! This plan is 100% free forever with no credit card required. Whats the Catch you are probably asking? Well fortunately for you there is no catch. We fill it is more blessed to give than to receive. So take this as our gift to you to sell some equipment! Or even use it to try us out before jumping into one of our larger plans that offer more listing.   

At Heavy Equipment Seller (HES), we believe when something is free there should be no strings attached. As we strive and have set out to be the best online marketplace for heavy equipment in the industry, we are also set on saving you time and money on your next sell. It is our mission to make the process of selling new, used and certified equipment online as simple as possible, which is why this is a no brainer to launch this new Always Free plan for you!

Listing Heavy Equipment with HES Is Free, Forever

Heavy Equipment Seller is becoming one of the most used and trusted brands when it comes to selling your equipment online. Our platform will always be free for anyone interested in selling their new, used or certified equipment. Whatever piece of machinery you are interested in selling, from agricultural equipment to construction equipment or large cranes to commercial vehicles, know that you have a free platform with us to get your equipment sold. Like we said before, no gimmicks and  no strings attached. We are free for as many times as you need us over the year and don’t worry about that credit card, it wont be need here!

How To Get Started Creating Your Free Listing

Getting started with Heavy Equipment Seller’s Always Free plan is simple, effective and effortless. Start with creating that one free listing , and then we do the rest by promoting your item to our national community of equipment buyers! Follow the steps below to create your FREE listing and to get started today! Oh and tell your friends, we wont mind! 

Step 1: Register

If you haven’t already signed up and created and account online at Heavy Equipment Seller, the first step is to follow the link to sign-up and create an account. All you have to do is enter your name, email, and create a username and password and you’ll be set to start selling for FREE! Not only will you be able to list items for free, but you’ll join a community of other equipment professionals interested in buying and selling new, used and certified equipment! If your a dealer or business don’t forget to click on “Become a Dealer” or “Become a Business” once you are logged in under your profile. After we verify you, you will get extra benefits including your own landing page where you can upload your logo, business hours, address, phone number, hours of operation as well as having your own review page for your customers to post review on. Do away with having your own website and send your customers to your own landing page with all your equipment listed on it. 

Step 2: Create Your Free Listing

Once you have registered, you can head on over to the Sell Your Equipment page to get started listing that equipment for buyers to see. Create that free listing using high-quality images of that equipment with all the details. The more pictures, the more likely you are to get serious buyers that are interested. Be sure to add a detailed description of your item, including any history, features, or issues a potential buyer would need to know about. You’ll also be asked to enter your asking price because lets be honest, no one likes to call a pushy salesman to find out the asking price. For more tips on how to creating an effective ad for your heavy equipment, click here.

Step 3: Let Us Handle the Rest

Listing your equipment or machinery on our website is 100% FREE! Once your listing is created, we’ll handle the rest by promoting it to a nation wide audience of equipment buyers! Our new, used and certified equipment sellers receive an average of an 18 percent higher return on investment (ROI) then they do with conventional selling methods, such as auctions or selling privately. Do the math, that’s more money that can be put towards your bottom line. Best of all, we don’t charge commission and your listing will be left on the site for as long as needed or until it sells!

Ready to Create Your Free Listing and Sell Your Heavy Equipment?

Whenever you are ready to create your free listing, click here. If you have more than one piece of heavy equipment or machinery you want to create a listing for, explore our pricing plans. For additional information or assistance, contact Heavy Equipment Seller today!