At Heavy Equipment Seller, selling heaving equipment is more time-efficient and cost-effective than ever before. As one of the most used and trusted online heavy equipment market places. We have a solid understanding of the industry and are constantly working to create solutions that save you time and money, no matter the size or volume of equipment you manage.

It is our goal to make the process of selling used equipment online as simple as possible, which is why selling your equipment is 100 percent FREE forever. You read that right, no credit card required and 100 percent free forever.

Our users like yourself are telling us by listing and selling their new and used equipment on our platform, that they are typically receive an average of an 18 percent higher return on investment then they see with conventional selling methods, such as auctions or other online avenues. Do the math, that’s more money that can be used for your bottom line.

To take advantage of our free listing feature, we created a step by step how to guide below on how to get your equipment listed on the marketplace that is free to the world.  Join our community of equipment professionals around the world. 

Step #1: Getting Started

To get started, there are three different ways you can get started create your free listing. But first, you’ll need to visit our site, if your not their already.

If you already have an account created, all you need to do is simply log-in to your account and you can jump to step #2. If this is your first time selling equipment you will need to register and create your free account — all that is needed is a little information so we can setup your profile then set your username along with a password and your ready! 

Now that your account is setup your ready to start building that free listing. a couple of ways to get there is by clicking on Sell Your Equipment at the top of the page. If you are on the Pricing page, you can click on the “Free Listing” plan and it will take you there. Also on the pricing page you will find our different pricing plans that include features for you and businesses of all sizes. Remember, if you are only listing one piece of equipment at a time there is absolutely no charge! Find the free plan and click Free Listing

Once you get to the Sell Your Equipment page and start filling out your free listing, you will find at the bottom of the page and option to log in or register in order to post your listing if you hadn’t done so yet.

Step #2: Start Filling Out Your Free Listing

When following any of the steps above, you will be brought to the Heavy Equipment Seller Sell page where you can begin filling out your listing. Create your free listing using high-quality images and a detailed description of the equipment you are selling. For more tips on creating your FREE classified ads for your heavy equipment, click here

Step #3: Publish Your Listing

Once you have added all the information needed you can publish your listing. Once published, your listing will be live to the hundreds of thousands of equipment visitors on the site. This not only makes selling equipment easier but also faster and for a higher return on your investment!

Step #4: Edit Your Listing

Whenever you need to edit your listing or remove it after it has been sold, all you need to do is log in to your account and you’ll be able to edit the existing listing, delete the listing, or mark the listing as sold. Keep in mind, when you mark the listing as sold, the listing will be shown on the site that it has been sold for seven days and then it will automatically be removed from the site.

Creating your free listing for your equipment is easy when you sell it on heavy equipment seller! For assistance creating your free listing, contact Heavy Equipment Seller today!