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Heavy Equipment Seller is the most used and #1 rated online equipment e-commerce classified shopping website. At Heavy Equipment Seller, we’re building the most trusted and transparent heavy equipment marketplace that makes it easy to find great deals from top-rated dealers, businesses and private owners. Our mission is simple; to make the equipment finding, selling and buying process easier for all. Through our high quality innovative designs and comprehensive search functionality and maps, Heavy Equipment Seller has simply united the buyer and seller online in a way that dramatically is improving the way people locate, talk with and advertise their equipment.

 — GARRETT COX, Owner / CEO of HES


We strive to deliver WOW through our service while embracing and driving change in the heavy equipment market. Being the leader isn’t easy, but we sure enjoy it, especially when our customers tell us. 

  • Our customers always come first.
  • Building and evolving on customers feedback.
  • Simplify the buying and selling process.
  • Always exceeding expectations.
  • Delivering on our promises.



Our customers receive an average of 18% higher return on investment then they do with conventional selling methods.  Do the math, that’s more money towards your bottom line.  Best of all, you are in control of how you sell your equipment and we don’t charge commission like auctions do!  First time sellers get to sell your equipment FREE for 30 days.

Everyday we are adding new dealers, businesses and manufacturers that we partner with to assist you in finding the equipment you are looking for.  Try out our locate a dealer page to help you determine and find that right equipment to get the job done.

Check out our listing map page to help you locate equipment for sale on the map.  Simply enter your location, how many miles out you want to look, filter down what you are looking for and start shopping!



Garrett Cox
Owner / CEO
Sales & Support
HES Sales & Support Team