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Seller Note

The Hemp Stripper/Bucker/Shucker is intended to dramatically decrease time and manpower necessary for separating flower and leaf material from the stalks and branches of whole plants. This machine only requires one operator but is best suited for two.
The operator simply feeds the entire plant into one side of the machine, Yes, the Entire plant, no need to cut off every branch one at a time. The stripper will then strip leaves, buds and material from the whole plant and deposit it into a supersack -or- conveyor belt below. (supersack/conveyor belt not included). The cleaned stalk and branches exit out the discharge side of the machine for easy disposal.
The final product is now ready to be processed into your CBD Oils – or – it can be further refined and separated into material suitable for pre-rolls, bud, keif, seeds etc… Via the “Hemp Cannon” and the “Hemp Tumbler” that we manufacture as well.

The “Hemp Stripper” processes:
Light Yield: 360 plants at 1 lb per plant = 360 lbs of Processed Material per Hour.
Higher Yield: Has been achieved from 500 lbs to 800 lbs of Processed Material per Hour.
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