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Ads with photos typically get 5X the views, than ads without. Photos help buyers become familiar with your equipment and helps them better understand what you are selling. Don’t just limit yourself to exterior shots, under the hood and cab pictures help attract buyers.

Recommended Image Resolution: 800 x 470 px or higher

Be sure to post quality photos. Take pictures of your equipment after you’ve cleaned it inside and out. Nothing turns a buyer off more than dirty equipment. When taking your photos, make sure it’s a sunny day and that the sun is to your back shining on what you are taking a picture of. Don’t frustrate buyers with dark or blurry pictures.

Buyers Never Complain About Too Many Pictures!

Give buyers a virtual tour of your equipment. Think about what you would want to see if you were climbing around the cab and under the hood. Pictures showing no leaks are always good, but being honest and showing damage is just as important. Don’t forget to show off the special features and any attachments that your equipment has or comes with.

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Determine a competitive price by comparing your equipment information and hours to similar equipment for sale by dealers and private sellers in your area. Then consider pricing your equipment within range. Be sure to provide seller's comments and photos to highlight the best features of your equipment, especially if you're asking price is above average.

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